Michela Gianola

Practice Areas

notary, civil and commercial law, in particular employment, real estate and corporate law. 

Degrees, bar admissions and appointments:

  • 2009: Bachelor of Law at the University of Bern;
  • 2011: Master of Law at the University of Bern;
  • 2011-2013: Lawyer traineeship at the law firm Schuhmacher Associati, Vezia;
  • 2014: Clerk at the Cantonal Criminal Appeal Court, Locarno;
  • 2014: Clerk at the Locarno District Court;
  • 2014: Admission to Cantone Ticino Lawyers Bar;
  • 2015-2018: Lawyer at the law firm Respini Jelmini Beretta Piccoli & Fornara, Lugano;
  • 2017: Public Notary of the Cantone Ticino.


Italian, German, English and French.