We support corporations and companies of various dimensions with activities in different fields (industry, commerce and services).

Our support addresses the daily needs of our clients. It includes employment and rental agreements, purchases of all kinds and also contracts with customers and suppliers. We deal also with all matters related to corporation law (including incorporations, internal rules as well as agreements between stakeholders).

We support our clients also in non-daily needs such as mergers and acquisitions, transformations and scissions. We prepare all necessary agreements and documents from their negotiation till their execution.

We support our clients also in litigations at Court (including arbitration) and out of Court.

We are aware of the problems that arise in the area of the company succession and regularly assist our customers in planning this important step.


We represent insurance companies before civil and social insurance courts and perform recurring legal tasks for them.

Private law

We represent insurance companies in legal proceedings, both in the personal and property sectors, and in insurance fraud procedures. In conjunction with the legal services of insurance companies, we also follow labour law disputes or criminal proceedings.

Civil liability

We follow the victims of road traffic accidents, accidents at work or medical errors in the civil, disciplinary, insurance and criminal procedures necessary to obtain fair compensation for the damage suffered.

Social insurance

For insurance companies, we advise and manage litigation in the areas of LAinf, LAMAl and LPP.

Labour law

Private law, individual employment contracts, collective agreements: our experience in this field is vast and solid.

Protection and advice of companies and employees

From recruitment to termination; bonus models and company regulations, internal guidelines and individual contracts.

Legal support

In any dispute between employer and employee before any judicial body and we follow our customers in cases of corporate restructuring and collective redundancies.

Debt collection

We assist private clients and companies, in Switzerland and abroad, in debt recovery, enforcement, judicial and arbitration matters.


We assist at Court and out of Court our clients in all matters of family Law.

Thanks to the experience gathered over the years we assist our clients in particular in procedures of separation and divorce. We follow our clients with our know-how in every step. Both for married as non-married persons we take care of the relationships to the children, so for their assignment to one parent, ascertainment and negative assessment of fatherhood, including the monetary contributions.

We assist our clients on protectorship and protection of adults.

Since we know the difficulties typically linked to such situations and procedures, we dedicated our full attention to the needs of our clients both in economic as well as in personal terms.


We offer advice and solutions in all areas of inheritance law, in particular by preparing acts of last will, wills and succession agreements both nationally as well internationally.

We represent our clients before any authorities, including in litigations. We deal with the liquidation of inheritances.

Real estate

We act a provider of legal services for businesses and operators in the real estate field.

Procurement contracts

We conduct preliminary analyses in order to identify new agglomeration possibilities and find building solutions in consultation with public authorities, clients and architects.
We assist our clients in litigation, from the claim management phase to the registration procedure of a legal mortgage and the legal proceedings.

Real estate promotions and sales

For promoters and architects we take care of the legal and notarial aspects of real estate transactions, providing advice and drafting the necessary contracts. We draw up notarial deeds of sale, right of purchase and constitution of mortgage files necessary for the purchase of real estate.

Building and environmental law

We assist planners, clients and public bodies in obtaining construction permits and in special procedures for the protection of the environment, nature and the landscape.

Tenancy law

We assist the real estate administration companies and represent the landlord vis-à-vis his tenant, also in the legal sphere.

Planning and construction questions

We conduct preliminary analyses in order to identify new agglomeration possibilities and find building solutions in consultation with public authorities, clients and architects.


We support banks as well as financial intermediaries in all aspects of their activities, from their incorporation to the compliance support, also in front of any relevant authorities (FINMA, SDO).

We support actors of the banking sector as well as clients in case of litigations both in Court as well as out of Court.


Thanks to an experience accumulated over the years we provide consulting to healthcare professionals (hospitals, private clinics, instates) in the entire field of healthcare.

We support primarily healthcare professionals in litigations, in particular in the field of economic care providing as well as invoicing check.


We assist corporations in the field of production and sale & purchase of energy from various sources.

We grant to our clients the necessary support on contracts, with particular reference to contracts EFET and ISDA, and collaboration agreements (partnerships, joint ventures, simple collaborations).

We assist our clients also in litigations in front of ordinary courts and arbitration panels.


We assist private and corporate clients in tax planning at national level and at international level.

We provide advice and support in the areas of tax compliance and represent individuals and corporate clients towards the competent authorities for the negotiation of specific tax rulings, as well as in administrative and / or judicial proceedings. We offer consulting services and tax due diligence in the context of restructuring, transfer and business succession.

We provide consultancy for financing operations, investing, including in the field of real estate transactions.

Permits and naturalizations

We manage the procedures for obtaining permits and naturalizations, accompanying the client, up to the permit.

Work permits

We regularly assist companies in obtaining special work permits for highly skilled workers.

Residence and relocation permits

We assist clients in setting up their own businesses, supporting them in any administrative need, finding the right location and reaching agreements with the tax authorities.

Naturalisation procedures

We guarantee a fluent and fast proceeding for the obtainment of the Swiss natioality, accorindg to the legal requirements.


We support our private as well as corporate clients in all fields of the notarial activity, in particular concerning:

sale & purchase of real estate, purchase options, mortgages;

incorporation of legal entities, capital increases, mergers, wind-ups as well as any other legal acts requiring the notarial form;


Criminal law

We provide legal assistance and advice to private individuals as well as to companies and organizations, facing any aspect of criminal law – including juvenile – at any stage of the procedure, from the preliminary investigations to the courtroom debate, to the appeal procedures in the diverse levels of judgement. 

The Law Firm provides assistance in both domestic criminal proceedings – police and financial offences – and international criminal matters, in the area of administrative criminal law, as well as any other criminal law contained within special laws (among others, the Federal road traffic law, the weapons, weapons’ accessories and ammunition Federal law, the Federal law for foreigners and their integration, the Federal law upon narcotics and psychotropic substances). We provide advocacy activity both for the accused’s defence – also as a public defender – and for the private accuser – preparation of complaints, suits or reports – before the different Cantonal and Federal Authorities.